Our Promise

Most companies will provide you with cleaning, but Reflections promises cleaning with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Not only will we take care of your home but we will also maintain a reputable report that demonstrates loyalty, dedication, trust and professionalism.

Our Vision

To be the best and most well-known residential/commercial cleaning service in the region.

Our Mission

To maintain a high standard of excellence in developing genuine relationships with our clients. We achieve this through understanding the client’s priorities while providing the best cleaning experience in every area we serve.

Our Core Values

Excellence in our company is what we strive for in every task. We expect to enhance our clients experience by exceeding their expectations of a clean, refreshed, pleasant, efficient and reliable cleaning service.  

Teamwork will allow our employees to experience a safe, detailed, consistent and flexible work culture.

Integrity is achieved by following the highest standards of professional behavior. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, vendors and the community.

Satisfaction is our personal guarantee of superior service. Not only are we determined to wow our clients, but we want to leave a lasting impression of overall satisfaction and excellence with every interaction.

Our Value to You

We are committed to providing you, our clients, the absolute best service experience by guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.