If you’re like most people (myself included), keeping your home “tidy” is next to impossible.  Between work, kids, pets and your sweet but messy significant other, keeping your house neat and semi-clean is a feat in itself.

Well I have 5 simple and easy tasks that can be done with just a little time each day and it will give you the relief that you desperately need.

  1. Make the bed – When you make the bed, you will feel accomplished and organized early in the day. Then when you get home at the end of the day, your bed will remind you of that early accomplishment and it will also be quite inviting for a good night’s sleep.
  2. Check your floors – Majority of the time, all you will have to do is a quick sweep on the hardwood and maybe pull out the vacuum cleaner for a quick touch up.   If you have children, you can easily assign this chore. Make it a game and set a timer. Works for my kids.
  3. Wipe your counters – Make sure to wipe the kitchen counters after every meal and check the bathroom counters daily. Keep some Lysol wipes under the sink so you can wipe down the counters easily. Another great trick is after taking a shower, do a very quick bathroom wipe down. This takes me no more than a few minutes to do this, but it really helps keep the bathroom clean.
  4. One Load of Laundry – Just ONE!!! By doing this, you will be able to control the pile-up of clothes.  One load goes into the wash, one load goes into the dryer and one load leaves the dryer to be folded.  Doing this daily will help fight against the unmanageable clothing piles!!!
  5. Dishwasher Rules – Every evening, before bed, empty the dishwasher or give this chore to an older child. During the day, the dishwasher will be empty and available for all of the dirty dishes.  Make sure it’s a rule in the house that after using a dish, it goes into the dishwasher immediately. This way there are no dirty dishes in the sink, EVER!

Now, you may not get around to Deep Household Cleaning as much as you would like but following these 5 simple tasks daily will keep your home in semi-order, tidy and clutter free.

Plus if you get nothing else done through the day, you have accomplished these 5 simple tasks, you will feel like you did complete something.  Great Job!!!

If you want a few more “quick” ideas, check out this article “Daily Quick Cleaning Checklist” from Real Simple.